Consulting Services - Process

Omnicon specializes in evaluation of oil and gas production and process facilities to assist in streamlining and or improving production. Process issues can be costly and relating the symptom(s) to a cause(s) and then onto a solution can be very difficult. Reviewing existing available data (SCADA and testing)and identifying patterns in the data, provides clues to potential causes and in many cases more potential problems. Once we have identified potential causes, we develop a sampling and testing protocol to verify what was identified based on pattern recognition. Armed with existing and new data, our consultants narrow down the root cause and help identify the potential solutions.

When limited data is available, Omnicon starts by creating a sampling and testing plan to gather baseline data. This baseline data is used as a first step in forming data patterns that are typical to allow identification of atyipcal events.

Omnicon is also often called upon to perform technical evaluation and literature seaches for parties that do not have technical expertise in the area of interest. Information is compiled on the topic of interest and a cohesive story is developed in the form of a report or white paper. For example: Omnicon was recently contracted by Alberta Innovates-Energy and Environment Solutions (AI-EES) to evaluate publically available on "Light Ends Composition of in Dilbit and Conventional Crude Oil". This data was gathered in a effort to evaulate the flammabilty hazard of transporting crude oils. This initial report has spawned other projects to perform laboratory testing.